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U.S. "Time" on the cover of the Song Meiling
Speaking of unmatched Song Three Sisters, a sentence reviews: "Big Sister love money, Erjie patriotism, love Sanmei right." Indeed, the eldest sister Soong Ai-ling to follow her husband - home Shanxi fiscal Kong Xiangxi, how can we not love Choi »2 Sister Soong Ching Ling to follow her husband - revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-sen, how can we not patriotic »Sanmei Song Meiling follow her husband - was chairman, president Chiang Kai-shek, how can we not love the right to« their respective independent of the end of the journey of life.

Among them, Song Meiling (1897-2003), the longest life expectancy, across three centuries. The three sisters available to future generations forever Shui Buwan topic.

This paper is a discussion of the topic of mystery - Song Meiling life of wealth Colour »

The death of 106-year-old Song Meiling left no memoirs or Zixu Chuan. During his lifetime, often Youren Quan Song Meiling written text or oral history, but she was Wanyanxiejue. Song Meiling no children in Taiwan and the United States has not left the two industries. Serve her later years Miss Kong Jiada KONG Ling-(Kong Xiangxi and Soong Ai-ling's eldest daughter), said: "Laofu people left behind only 120,000 dollars deposits."

For KONG Ling-in-Song Meiling memorial at the spread of the image of being indifferent to fame and fortune, many do not know that letter. However, Song Meiling life of the various periods, she still has the economic situation may find the clues.

Song only Quan Jiafu (front row from left: Soong Ai-ling right: Soong Ching Ling, a row of the right conclusion: Song Meiling)
(1) middle-aged for 10 million (Yinyuan) Fujie

Song Meiling Songyao by his father as astute businessmen mind and the accumulation of wealth means the impact of the Chinese people know very well that the right money relations theory. That is, when they are young revealed a strong political ambition, power and keen to do. December 1927 and married Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek's secretary and the English translation, active in diplomatic occasions. Chiang Kai-shek introduced her to many aspects of Western culture and politics, to promote Chiang pro-US.

After marriage, she and two of the Chiang Kai-shek their financial independence, has been operating under a US-style system of the AA. Song Meiling in 1927 in Shanghai, there are a real estate, in the French Concession Xiafei Lu (Ji Jin Nanjing Road), is her marriage and the dowry of Chiang Kai-shek (这幢property in 1949 by a new Chinese regime confiscated, but now also still preserved.)

Song Meiling has long-term in government and community service, her job is a lucrative income. Such as: Established in 1929 the military Survivor schools, the establishment of "inspirational community" to cultural activities to contact the KMT military officers. Chiang Kai-shek in the implementation of the New Life Movement, she presided over the "New Life Movement of women consultants will." 1936 Song Meiling as the Secretary-General of the Aviation Committee, the KMT actively expand the Air Force.

Song Meiling also served as "China Women's Federation," founder and chairman, after the Chairman of the Board of Fu Jen Catholic University, Huaxing Yu Youyuan, Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center, chairman, National Palace Museum Management Committee Standing Committee, was chairman of the Federation of Women . ……

December 26, 1934 "is Jiangnan" shows: "State House in Benbu dignitaries…… all the property is estimated to be, Chiang Kai-shek 13 million Yinyuan, Song Meiling 35 million Yinyuan……." At that time, the purchasing power equivalent to 1 Yinyuan now 60 yuan RMB. In other words, if rumor is true, then at that time, Song Meiling personal property now has the equivalent of 2.1 billion yuan, Chiang Kai-shek is two and a half times. This data was also found in the "Diary of Cai Yuanpei," yet to be confirmed.

However, it is estimated that the middle-aged Song Meiling property Yinyuan the number reached 10 million level, you can still agree to it.

(2) Anti-Japanese War, foreign banks in Shanghai by the Japanese occupation of deposits

October 17, 1939, "Japan's secret services to the KMT senior government officials in Shanghai, foreign bank deposits" of the secret investigation report "on board the special Group C No. 1 - the dignitaries of foreign banks in Shanghai pre-payment (deposit) to investigate Table ", of which: Chiang Kai-shek 66.39 million yuan (at the time of the currency and U.S. dollar exchange rate, about 8.09 million U.S. dollars, the same below), Song Meiling 30.94 million yuan (3.77 million U.S. dollars). Currency devaluation of 1939, about one yuan coin of this 15 yuan or so converted - 1 dollars at that time about 15 dollars today. Please note: This period of the eastern half of China's territory has been occupied by the Japanese Government has already moved to Chongqing. Song Meiling personal savings here only half of Chiang Kai-shek. (However, these specific data has yet to be verified again.)

In December 1941 after the outbreak of war in the Pacific, the Japanese invaders took over the foreign banks in Shanghai, is said to have seized the "KMT politicians" in Shanghai's foreign banks deposits.
Song three sisters had a group photo (from left to right) Song Meiling, Soong Ai-ling, Soong Ching Ling
(3) Song Meiling of personal property to overestimate

We should Song Jiang's personal property with the KMT government property, to distinguish, can not be confused with.

"People's Daily" (January 8, 1990) based on historical information said: KMT from the mainland in 1949, has three groups actually delivered to Taiwan's gold in a total of 2.775 million two, silver dollar 15.2 million yuan. It was also "Memoirs of Li Zongren," said: "It was the Control Yuan report of the Finance Committee of the conclave, the note-issuing treasury stock with a total value of 350 million U.S. dollars. This figure is based on China's open-market prices; if in accordance with the ratio of overseas, this is still more than a few . All the gold stocks to 3.9 million ounces (1 oz = 31.1030 grams), the foreign exchange value of 70 million U.S. dollars and 70 million U.S. dollars of silver. The total of about 500 million U.S. dollars from top to bottom. "

Some information said: Song Meiling was the personal property has reached 250 million U.S. dollars (equivalent to half of the state treasury stock ») is clearly exaggerated and not credible.

(4) in 1949 in the United States property

Song Meiling November 1948 to the United States for help, but the cold shoulder by President Truman. Truman at the time the KMT has lost confidence and hope he has aides frank talk about the KMT government's "corrupt and bad guys," the most important two-hole family - in the war of resistance, a major national crisis Choi, withholding USAID, Used to set up his own company, reselling the United States Yuanhua materials, self plans; during the civil war, repeatedly asking the U.S. government, to a large number of dollars into their own enterprises in the mainland Kuomintang regime on the eve of imminent collapse, the first to transfer the property Overseas, especially in the United States can not allow this…… Truman angry? »

Song Meiling in late 1948, early 1949 failure of the United States for help, they scrambled to the United States to manage their private property, so that her nephew in charge of helping KONG Ling-Kan. At that time, home-purchase of a property worth 1.5 million dollars.

Have information that:-Song 2 (Song Ziwen Kong Xiangxi and mainly) 40 USAID material and the use of their special way in the United States engage in Toujidaoba, identified by the U.S. Treasury tens of millions of dollars of tax evasion, the divisions that President Truman. U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Treasury joint inventory, preliminary view is that, in the United States of illegal property of dubious origin actually reach more than 2 billion dollars, allegedly in the United States, Africa and France to freeze assets and bank insurance in the United States Curry dubious origin antiques, Crafts, jewelry , Gold, fill-tax amount and a fine. But finally nothing, as Doubtful Case.

For more information analysis can be done as follows: (1) should the assets of the KMT government with the so-called "Sitaijiazu" separate personal private property, can not be confused with, (2) 1949 2-for-property survey in the United States, So far is mixed, the truth not known.

Song Meiling in the front line when the Anti-Japanese War
(5) Song Meiling life after the main revenue come from »

Chiang Kai-shek dies (April 5, 1975) before every two to three months will be a Song Meiling allowance. Chiang Ching-kuo took office after the case. October 1983, should be invited to return to Taiwan Chiang Ching-kuo, released "I will be renewed," Chang-wen, Chiang Ching-kuo frequent activities to help appease the party veterans and military personnel to defuse resistance to innovation, the end of Kaifangdangjin.

January 1988 death of Chiang Ching-kuo, took part in funeral arrangements and revocation of martial law. After the withdrawal from the political arena, seclusion Taipei Shihlin residence.

The death of Chiang Ching-kuo (1988) and Song Meiling Lee Teng-hui met on the request: "You know, in the country, 'presidential palace' monthly gave me a provision, now by the death of the country, you still do not know This provision will give me »" After all, Song Meiling in accordance with the law should have去职"President" of the treatment of widows. Song Meiling on the request of Lee Teng-hui in general can meet her wishes.

(6) in the United States to settle after the huge expenditure on who »

Taiwan's "Times Weekly" reported that Song Meiling in the United States to settle the beginning, she did not have my name in what the property. This seems consistent with the actual situation. As she lives depend on the following hole-in-law, she will no longer care about money.

So after all these years she What are the lives of «Yaoduoshaoqian it will take about a year»

Song Meiling in 1972 "Sino-US joint communiques," was published, that in the maintenance of the relationship between Taiwan and the United States no longer matter for her, then transferred to the energy business Industries. In the United States to invest in oil and natural gas industries. 1984, the U.S. Associated Press reported that a telecommunications: "Madame Chiang Miss Song Meiling invest 5 million U.S. dollars, and Texas, Phillips Oil Company signed leases in New Mexico near the mining prospecting oil and natural gas cooperation……" . After that, this is the name of Kong Lingjie to her aunt, "to attract wide" for the business. Besides Hole, this is a Song. Focused on shopping malls, Song Meiling is also forced to withdraw from the political sphere but choice.

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